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The most frequently asked questions

How does the beginning of my training take place ?

The entry questionnaire for the training includes general information, the learner's project and expectations, as well as their availability for the training. The positioning and evaluation process includes a skills assessment and an evaluation test of driving abilities and aptitudes, which allow for a proposed training program tailored to the learner's needs. The evaluation is divided into 8 sections and allows for an estimated volume of hours for automobile driving training to be established.

What age can I start driving?

In France, the minimum age to start learning how to drive is 15 years old with the Apprentissage Anticipé de la Conduite (AAC) program, and 18 years old for other training programs such as conduite supervisée (supervised driving), traditional permis B with manual transmission, and permis B 78 with automatic transmission. The practical training consists of at least 20 hours for AAC and conduite supervisée, and 13 hours for permis B 78. The probationary license has a duration of 2 years for AAC and 3 years for other training programs.

How does the training take place?

The training for a driving license involves a theoretical test and a practical test. To take the theoretical test (code), one must correctly answer 35 out of 40 questions, some of which may be presented in video format. For the practical test, the minimum age requirement is 17, and the candidate must obtain a minimum score of 20 out of 31 points and not commit any eliminatory faults.

What will I be taught during my training?

The training program varies depending on the abilities, difficulties, and circumstances of each student. It includes objectives such as getting settled in the vehicle, starting the engine, changing gears, braking, maintaining the correct trajectory, performing checks, maneuvering, and adapting to different driving situations. Each objective is worked on in an adapted manner to allow the student to gradually become independent.

What is in place for my disability?

To enable individuals with disabilities to learn to drive, specialized vehicles have been developed to assist those who are unable to drive a "regular" car. Our institution is able to assist you in finding training centers that are adapted to your specific needs and requirements.