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Our various training programs

The traffic laws 

The access to the theoretical exam of the driving license (traffic laws) is open to everyone from the age of 15. Its validity is limited to 5 years from the date of obtaining. Auto-école du Parc provides advice from our professionals in the classroom and implements innovative tools that allow practicing and facilitate success in this exam from anywhere.

The traditional training

The traditional driving learning is accessible from the age of 18. Students must acquire a good knowledge of the Highway Code and undergo practical training. The legislation requires a minimum number of hours of training before being eligible for the exam, depending on the type of vehicle used during the training. The aim is to master driving in a safe manner and gain enhanced experience in various driving situations through the valuable guidance of our instructors.

Accompanied driving

The minimum age requirement for this training is 15 years (for theory and practical). Before starting accompanied driving, the student must have passed the theoretical exam and completed the necessary hours with their driving school. During accompanied driving, the student drives with an accompanying driver whose role is to provide guidance and support.

Accompanied driving allows the student to gain driving experience in various situations. It improves the success rate in the driving exam, reduces risks, and shortens the probationary period in the absence of infractions. Accompanied driving can be an interesting option for young drivers seeking a diverse and solid training in preparation for the practical exam.

Supervised driving

Supervised driving is an alternative offered to candidates who have failed the practical driving test for their driver's license or to those who wish to reinforce their driving experience before retaking the exam. Candidates must be at least 18 years old, have passed the theoretical exam, and completed a minimum of 20 hours of driving. During this period, the learner driver is accompanied by an instructor and can gain additional driving experience. This training also allows candidates to familiarize themselves with different types of driving situations and receive personalized advice from their instructor to correct their mistakes and improve their driving skills.

Refresher Course

Our driving school offers a refresher course for drivers who wish to update their knowledge on proper behavior in certain driving situations and the rules of the road. This formula is suitable for drivers of all ages, including seniors, to help them regain their confidence after a long period without driving. It allows drivers to feel more reassured about road hazards and drive safely.